Our range of compost, topsoil and woodchip for sale

Compost being applied to field

We now have a range of products available for sale. They range from woodchip for landscaping to high grade compost certified to PAS 100 and topsoil produced to BS3882 standard.

Our Products


General Purpose Topsoil

Our general purpose loam topsoil has been analysed to BS3882 and is suitable for a variety of landscaping uses. The soil has been screened to 10mm and is rich in organic matter from our green waste compost. With it being a recycled product, it may occasionally contain traces of glass or other materials. Whilst every measure is taken to minimise weed seeds, we cannot guarantee that these will be absent from our topsoil so some weed management may be required by customers.

20mm compost

PAS100 0-25mm Agricultural Grade Compost

Supplied to local farmers to be spread on their fields as an organic fertiliser.

10mm compost

PAS100 0-10mm Soil Improver Compost

Our green waste compost soil improver adds fertilising organic matter to your soil, helps with moisture retention and breaks down heavy clay soils. Peat free!


Willow Woodchip

A high grade woodchip sustainably harvested in County Durham. Suitable for paths, mulching, equine use and play areas.


If you would like to enquire about our products please send us a note or speak to one of the team.