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Experts in green waste recycling, using proven processes to turn green waste into compost.

We are proud to be PAS 100 accredited.

Your waste is our raw material

We have the knowledge and the equipment to recycle green waste into a useable end product.

Watch it grow

Our peat-free compost is made from recycled green waste making your garden even greener.


We are a green waste composter based in County Durham with an annual capacity of 60,000 tonnes. We take in garden waste and recycle it into compost for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. We pride ourselves on our recycling policies which not only contribute to county and government targets but also generate natural habitats for local wildlife.

What we offer


Compost UK offers a range of services to both the agricultural and recycling sectors. We turn green waste into compost that meets the standards of PAS 100.


Once recycled, compost is available to purchase in bulk from Compost UK. Our customers include Farmers, Builders Merchants, and Garden Centres.

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Feedstock is shredded, mixed and put into windrows.

Feedstock Shredded

Over a period of approximately 12 weeks, the windrows are turned regularly to manage odours and distribute heat to help regulate temperature, moisture and oxygen content.


Screening the compost is the final part of the process. Contaminants such as metals and plastics are removed and the compost is graded for its various end uses. It is also at this point that any materials that are still too large will be put back through the composting process.

If you would like to enquire about our services or products please send us a note or speak to one of the team.